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Code Geass - Zero is singing

First promovid from Vampire Knight

Currently appeared the first promo from Vampire Knight Anime.
It'll starts in april.

Enjoy it

Happy Easter ^^

Happy Easter to you all!


The five killers trailer

Hey you,
here's another trailer from a new anime by the studio Gonzo.
It's named "The five killers". The story's about five very good killer, who played a "agme" to survive.
This anime will have 12 episodes and a one hour final episode.
The producer is Eric Calderon, the designs were created by Shigeki Maeshima and this pilot was animated under the direction of ‘Trinity Blood’ director Tomohiro Hirata.

There will be no fansubs >___<

TrailerCollapse )

Britney goes Anime!

OMG... but, yes it's true! Britney's new musicvideo is a little "anime".

It's springtime!

Yes, long time no see... I'll hope, that I can post more now. I'm sorry...

BUT, it's springtime and the sun is shining. Nya, happy day~ ^__^



Code Geass Stuff

I found some nice stuff of Code Geass. Woah, i looove the anime!! Suzakuuu~~~ xD

Have some fun, and enjoy ^^

43 day till 2nd season of Code Geass *waiting for it*

News ^^

Animes next time:

Code Geass - 2nd series

[Yess, I' watching it xD]
March 2008. 47 days till CG strats. ^^

The Disappearance of Haruhi suzumiya

2nd season is pigeonholed by the producer, buuuut there will be something other from Haruhi... O_o

Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei 2nd season

In Japan the serie started at 23rd January 2008

Nabari no Ou

Current post bellow.....


Ich bin verrückt danach xD Let's have some fun... Lulu, swing your hips xD Gomen K-chan >___< T___T